Exotic Birds

Exotic Bird Aviaries

Ashmore Palms' spectacular bird collection is a major feature of the Village. You can view the largest, privately displayed collection of Macaw Parrots in Australia, including the following:-

- NEW Rare Lutino Macaw! - Green Winged Macaws
- Scarlet Macaws - Buffons Macaws
- Miligold Macaws - Hahns Macaws
- Hyacinth Macaw - Military Macaws
- Blue and Gold Macaws

These Macaws (pronounced ma-cor) are native to South America but have made a new home here at Ashmore Palms. As well as the Macaws, there are many varieties of Australian native birds and parrots living in the aviaries here.

Plus, Ashmore Palms is now home to a new range of, interesting colour mutation, Indian Ringneck Parrots. The Indian Ringnecks have lovely colourful plumage and are very social. They crave interaction. Their aviary is situated in a tropical rainforest garden setting near the swimming lagoons.

Fun Facts about Parrots

Parrots are characterised by their curved beak shape and for having four toes on each foot - two facing the front and two facing the back. This gives them dexterity that they are well known for and often utilise their feet to hold food items. Parrots are found world wide, although most are distributed throughout the warmer parts of the world. The majority of the species live in Australasia, South America and Central America. Parrots are also emotionally and intellectually advanced and most species are said to have the intelligence of at least a two year old child. They require specific care and constant stimuli to ensure they remain healthy in mind and body.

Ashmore Palms' Parrot and Bird Experience

Most mornings, guests can have an up close and personal experience with Ashmore Palms' parrots at a bird information tour. Meet the birdkeeper who will share information about caring for the birds and some of their characteristics. Guests can interact with some tame birds while our experienced and knowledgable bird carer shares interesting information about these beautiful creatures. Bring your own camera or phone along for a great photo opportunity. Please check Ashmore Palms' Holiday Activity Program for details.